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2252 Odell Street
Blaine, WA, 98230
United States

We create healthy solutions to satisfy your snack cravings. We are always looking forward, keeping up with the latest in food trends, to provide you with products that are pure and as close to nature as possible.


Who we are

At ND Creations, we like to classify ourselves as “food geeks.” We utilize the newest in food technology to create exciting products and are always keeping up with the latest innovations in the food sciences. 

Satisfying cravings through innovation


We utilize the newest in food technology to create exciting products and are always keeping up with the latest innovations in the food sciences.

Our snacking choices are engineered to not only please the taste buds, but also to consistently “wow” our customers with the radical uniqueness of its overall mouth-feel and texture, all the while keeping our products chemical free and pure as possible  Naturally.

Our owners J. Hugh Wiebe, Jeff Shapiro (former CFO of Michael Foods), and John Gibb have extensive experience in the food and beverage industry. Our CEO, John Gibb has also managed an accomplished career in hospitality and manufacturing. Together they make a dynamic team that successfully takes our innovative products to market.


In 2014 we partnered with EnWave Corporation to launch nutraDRIED, LLP and bring the innovative nutraREV™ technology to market. This partnership brought forth the Moon Cheese™ products. Our headquarters is based in Blaine, Washington, with nutraREV™ production and drying facilities in Ferndale, Washington.

ND Creations also manages the Bioplex Whey Protein Nutrition brand, which produces pure whey protein isolate powders enhanced with additional vital amino acids. Bioplex mixes their undenatured, hormone, lactose, & gluten free protein powders in our headquarters in Blaine, Washington.

We will continue to bring high-quality, unique products to our customers with several new innovations planned to launch in 2016.

ND Creations is now test-marketing a lip-smacking multi-seed-and-nut snacker called Smackers. Sweetened with honey and packed with the goodness of nuts and seeds, this is a perfect example of balancing nutrition and the sweetness that everyone craves.

In a market saturated with “all natural” snacking options that seem to skimp on flavor, ND Creations’ mission is to always exceed our customers’ expectations of taste and texture by intelligently designing chemical-free, intriguing food choices—Naturally.